Bass Soloist, Composer, Clinician

So happy to announce that LIVE MUSIC ! Has begun again.. Happy to post the first three live performances of "2021" Please visit the "Calendar Page" and stay tuned for more. Also check out NEW MUSIC! on the "Music Page" ... PLease remember. Trust each other, Love each other, keep your head up, Trust Your Dopeness...

E.Pruitt has kept busy during "2020" please check out the "Music Page" for "NEW MUSIC" released during the Covid shutdown. New music from E.Pruitt's "Alchemy Project" features collaborations  with other artists such as Todd Brown, Ill Mack and Reshard Radford. 

Also during "2020" E.Pruitt announced the opening of his New Recording and Video Production Studio "Balance Studio" . To date "E" has written music and storyboards for 9 of the weekly Bartolini "Sound Bites" series. All videos can be found on the Bartolini YouTube Page.