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E. Pruitt 2023

Pleased to announce New Show Dates! for the collaboration with Smooth Jazz Artist Rick Habana. Rick's Newest release  "The Collective III" is out and Rick will Headline the 1st Tacoma Jazz Festival July 28th & 29th at Joeseppie's in Tacoma Wa. Stay tuned for ticket links.. God Bless

E. Pruitt and Scott Surine Basses

Scott Surine (a Master Luthier) and E.Pruitt met at NAMM 2018 after which "E" received his first Quest 5 String Bass. He has since added two Quest 6 String Basses to the family and Surine Basses have become E's Basses of Choice.  A New 7 String Quest is in the works now. Check out the calendar section for dates to check the Scott Surine Basses out in action!  

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